How to Find a Good Builder in The North West...

How to Find a Good Builder in The North West

Finding a good builder can’t be left to chance.  Plucking a name out of the yellow pages or simply short listing based on websites you come across isn’t a recipe for success.

Let’s take the example of a family who have moved to the North West.  Builders in the north westThey won’t have the contacts a more established household will have.  If you were in the same situation how could you find a reputable builder?

Trying other people’s contacts is a good place to start; specifically building and property professionals’ contacts.

Architects, surveyors, estate agents, interior designers, and building control, will all be able to throw names into the hat. With a bit of luck the same names will crop up.

Take building control/ inspectors as an example.  It’s wise to get these professionals on side very early on in your project. Although reluctant to actively recommend builders, your local inspectors may be happy to informally steer you in the right direction. This kind of help is worth its weight in gold. Over the years they will have inspected everything – the good, bad and the ugly. So a tip from them can help you narrow down your search significantly.

Architects often build up relationships with a small number of building firms. If you’re using an architect on your project ask for advice very early on as to builders well placed to complete your type of project.

Another line of enquiry might be helpful if you have had your property surveyed for a full structural survey. Your surveyor or engineer may be able to suggest firms local to the area. An estate agent is also likely to have their ear close to the ground on firms to approach or avoid. The important point to emphasise is recommendations should be current. This leads onto another suggestion.

You could seek out boards displayed outside current developments in your area.  At the very least this shows which builders are active in your area and looking for more work. You could politely chap the door if you’re inclined to ask for an opinion but you may find the property unoccupied.

Finally, there are trade bodies such as the Federation of Master Builders to consider.  You may have noticed many builders tout membership on their websites. However this is partly a commercial organisation.  The work of new members is not inspected so it’s no substantive guarantee of quality.

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