Finding Builders in Nantwich...

Finding Builders in Nantwich

Finding builders in Nantwich when house prices are on the rise can be tricky. If you’ve got a development or extension in mind, pay attention to what we call the “skip quota”. If there are lots of skips in evidence in the surrounding streets, you’ll need to plan well in advance. You have to do this anyway of course, but it’s particularly important when the local building and construction trade is busy. You don’t want to choose a builder just because they are available! The best Nantwich builders will be booked far in advance. If there are skips around at least one of them will probably be ours!

We’ve got a soft spot for Nantwich.  It’s not just the architecture. Builders in NantwichYes, the High Street is pretty, and so are the surviving Elizabethan mansion houses. But there’s more to it than that. Only Chester has more historic buildings in the county, but that’s probably only because it’s much bigger! Nantwich definitely has its own identity and is one of our favourite market towns.

So you want to find reputable builders in Nantwich or who at least work regularly in the town here are some tips.  A recommendation is always good, but make sure you’re comparing apples with apples. Builders who did a grand job of extending a 60s semi may not be the right outfit for an old stone barn or a commercial development. Draw up a short list of builders to meet. Check that the big guns who come out to meet you and do the first site visit will be working on your project. Often they’re not. Visit some of their completed projects. A decent firm of Nantwich builders will organise this for you.

Please don’t be put off if your preferred builders aren’t available for months. In our experience clients look for builders at a very early stage of the process when there is much planning, specifying  and sourcing to undertake. We’d also say the best builders in Nantwich are worth waiting for.

And one more thing. At busy periods, some firms can bring in sub-contractors so they can take on extra work. Beware. Sub-contractors will be of an unknown quality.


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